Seletar is one of New Plymouth's new and upcoming restaurants. Nestled in the heart of CBD, it is family friendly and appeals to business and social groups alike. Its modern, stylish interior and location on the main street creates an inviting and intimate setting for any occasion. Seletar's thoughtful hawker menu is all made in house from the  freshest and  tastiest  New Zealand produce. Come in and try the famous Singapore Chili Crabs, Chicken Rice, Laksa and Beef Rendang! We'll definitely awaken your taste buds.




Seletar opened its doors on 3rd Jan 2020 and is owned and operated by Singaporean, Elsa Asevatham and her family who have lived in New Plymouth for the past 11 years and call this place home. In the early days when she first came to New Zealand, familiar food was the one thing she missed.  Elsa felt over the years that New Plymouth being such a vibrant and developing city, needed the same diversity for food.


Taking a leap of faith and her passion for people and hospitality, she put her dream into reality by starting the city's first and only Singaporean restaurant. Coming from a diverse family background and her own mixed heritage of Indian and Chinese, her vision is to be able be a cultural ambassador and share her love for her own rich national cuisine with the community and its visitors. 


She believes that no matter where we live, food is the connection and link to building a happy and dynamic community.  It allows us to collectively share the story of our lives and heritage. Singaporean cuisine is unique, it's bold, it's explosive, it's colorful and not is bashful with its flavors. The menu at Seletar is curated around back to basics, honoring traditional ingredients and methods, and keeping her heritage alive. 


Her other passions are interior decorating, yoga, cooking international food, art, music, travelling and being out in nature and of course her family. 

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Our Head Chef Faizal is from Singapore. He has over 14 years of hospitality experience under his belt specialising mainly in French, Italian and Spanish cuisines while working in Singapore. Now, he is thrilled to be wearing his own national flag and experimenting with his national cuisine - bringing the unique flavours of Singapore to New Plymouth, one dish at a time.


When he’s not in the kitchen creating authentic food, his passion is the outdoors and is quite a travelling gypsy. He has a great love of biking, being out in nature and learning aboutother cultures. In his younger days, he was also an avid competitive skateboarder.



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