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I am meeting with Elsa Asevatham from Singapore in her brand new restaurant Seletar which opened on the 3rd of January. Naturally we start talking about it, and the role Elsa plays in it. “Basically I’m doing this restaurant full time,” Elsa says. “I just finished my job at the District Council and I was working in procurement for about three years.............

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Singaporean Cuisine with Passion and Flair

Almost post Covid-19 I am very privileged to be joining Elsa, owner of Seletar, Singapore Cuisine for a meal. Upon entering the beautifully decorated and spacious restaurant we record our names and contact details for contact tracing. I can see that the Covid-19 lockdown has not been easy for Elsa, having invested into a new business with a lot of time and energy as well as emotion......

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Featured in NZ House & Garden 

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